Jenny Yun-Chen Chan, Phd 


2022–      Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education,
    Education University of Hong Kong

2018–2022  Postdoctoral Scientist in Learning Sciences and Technologies,
      Worcester Polytechnic Institute


2019    PhD, Developmental Psychology, University of Minnesota–Twin Cities 

2016    MA, Developmental Psychology, University of Minnesota–Twin Cities

2013    BS, Psychology & Biology, University of Wisconsin–Madison

🚨 I'm looking for a full-time RA (start Jan 2024) and PhD students (start Sept 2024) to work with me on projects related to early math learning @ECE_EdUHK Please share with your network and reach out if I can answer any questions! 🚨

I'm currently an Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education at the Education University of Hong Kong.  I use a wide range of research methods (e.g., experimental, correlational, longitudinal, interventions, randomized control trials, observational, behavioral coding, analysis of clickstream data, secondary data analysis, participatory design, etc.) to study and support mathematical thinking and learning across development (including preschoolers and K-16 students). My research examines the mechanisms and the cognitive processes involved in mathematical development. The first line of my work focuses on the effects of perceptual and embodied features in the environment on learning mathematics. The second line of my work investigates the influences of language and executive function skills on mathematical thinking. Currently, I bridge these two lines of work to study their interactive effects on mathematical development. 

Through my research, I aim to advance the field of mathematical cognition by identifying malleable factors in, and mechanisms of, mathematical development, and provide evidence-based recommendations for educational practices that foster equitable learning among diverse learners.